Wedding Photography FAQ

Here are the most often asked Candid Wedding Photography FAQ

To help answer most questions you might have about our candid wedding photography we have put this Frequently asked questions section together, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

What is candid Photography

Candid Photography is about capturing the spontaneity of a moment. Candid wedding photos offer a relaxed approach to your wedding photography, the style is natural and timeless. Candid photography has a photojournalistic feel that tells the story of your day.

Are your packages flexible? Do I have to choose exactly what’s in the package?

We like to tailor our packages for each client, the packages that are featured on the website are examples of our most popular however we like to work with our clients and tailor the package to their individual needs.

What if I want more time than what’s included in the package?

Additional hours can be added at $220 per hour.

Do we get 2 photographers?

We usually assign one photographer to each wedding, we believe in truly beautiful candid and natural shots and these are best achieved when you don’t even know that the photographer is there. All of our photographers are very experienced and know the shots that need capturing and can do so in an unobtrusive way which is only possible with one photographer.

How many photos do you take?

That will depend on your coverage, you will usually end up with between 400 and 600 photos

Do you Photoshop the photos?

All our photos are edited and colour corrected, to make sure exposure and white balance is right. Because our style is natural, we try not to retouch the photos too much so they remain natural and timeless. However if there are certain photos that you have chosen for the album that you would like retouched because you may have a blemish or scar on your face, then we can re-touch the photos at will be in the album.

Do we get all of the photos?

Each of our weddings are edited and so we will give you only the best photos, we won’t give you any photos of people with their eyes closed, or shots out of focus or people with food in their mouth.

Can we see the photos before the album plan session?

Within a week of the wedding we will put up a Sneak Peek on our Facebook page so that you can share with family and friends. We will then put your secure online gallery on our Website so that you can see all of the photos before your album plan session and you can choose your favourite photos for your album.

How long does it take to get the album?

The album plan session is usually scheduled approx. 4-6 weeks from your wedding date and the session is done during a weekday, allow for approx. 4-5 hours for the session. It’s a good idea to book this time in before your wedding and have the appointment before you return to work after your honeymoon. The production of the album is usually completed 8 -10 weeks after the appointment.

Can I upgrade my album or buy extra pages?

Yes, if your package included a square album, and you decide you want the panoramic album, you can upgrade before or at the Album plan session. You can pre purchase pages for your album before the session at a discounted rate, if you don’t use them you will be refunded.

Can I pick up my USB before the album?

We usually give you everything including the USB when you collect your album.

Do you charge for Travel?

For weddings outside the Sydney or Melbourne metro area, there is a travel charge.
For weddings overseas or interstate, flights and accommodation, the night before and the night of the wedding are charged as part of the package.

Who owns Copyright?

Infinity Photography, Ltd. and its assignees can use any images shot on behalf of the client for advertising or editorial purposes. Copyright remains with Infinity Photography, Pty Ltd. and its assignees.

Do you do video or provide Photo booth services?

No we specialise in Candid, Natural photography. But we can recommend some suppliers to you.