Overseas and interstate couples choose Sydney for their photos

It’s not unusual at this time of year for Infinity Photography to get lots of enquires from couples getting married. Couples have more time on their hands to start organising their special day or they may have just recently become engaged and want to start booking their suppliers before they are booked out.

What we are finding more and more though is that couples are coming to Sydney from interstate or overseas to get married or to have an engagement shoot whilst on holiday in our beautiful city. Our office staff are very good at making the arrangements for the couple and they feel very comfortable with their plans even before they arrive in Sydney. We organise a run sheet for the couple so that they make the most of the time they have and permits (if necessary) are organised before the day. We have a list of recommended locations where we suggest to have photos and most people like to take advantage of the beautiful harbour and surrounding gardens. We can arrange a Skype call with the photographer so that couples can meet the person who will be photographing their special day and ask questions. We can also upload all your photos so that you can simply download them to your computer once the shoot is complete. We can even do an online album plan so that you can choose the photos you want in a gorgeous handmade album made in Australia and we will send it directly to wherever you are in the world.

This couple below recently came to Sydney for a holiday and arranged an engagement shoot with us before leaving Hong Kong. They wanted photos of the harbour but also photos of them at a park or garden location. We suggested Hyde Park and the Botanical Gardens. Below are some of the photos from this shoot.

This is what the couple had to say about Infinity Photography:
“Thank you so much for capturing such wonderful pictures of us! It was a true experience to work with Infinity photography – professional yet personal. The team will ensure to make you at ease and capture your true personality through the images. I would highly recommend them to anyone visiting Australia for their pictures taken!”

If you would like to discuss options for your next shoot in Sydney please contact us directly at photo@infinityphotography.com.au

Madelene and Ben 1

Madelene and Ben 2

Madelene and Ben 3

Madelene and Ben 4

Madelene and Ben 7

Madelene and Ben 6

Madelene and Ben 5