Jayne and Brad Wedding

Jayne and Brad Wedding

Jayne and Brad Wedding Photography featured in Bride to be

Jayne and Brad wedding is featured in the latest Bride to Be magazine. Infinity photography was lucky enough to be part of their great day.

Jayne & Brad wedding day was truly amazing, even when it started to rain, they never stopped smiling !
Jayne & Brad Wedding-Bride to be Magazine cover Wedding Photography
Jayne & Brad wedding is in bride to be magazine in January’s 2013 issue
Jayne & Brad Wedding feature in Bride to Be mag Wedding Photography
Jayne’s & Brads wedding is featured starts on Page 103
Wedding Cufflinks
Brad’s wedding cufflinks
Jayne & Brad Wedding-Wedding Tie
Brads wedding tie
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Wedding photography of wedding flowers
Jayne’s beautiful flowers
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Wedding Rings Wedding Shoes Wedding Photographer
Jayne & Brads wedding rings. Jaynes wedding shoes and ear rings
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Wedding dress
Jayne’s elegant wedding dress
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Wedding Photo
Jayne  wedding dress & flowers
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Bride waiting for his bride photo
Brad waiting for his bride
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Signing of the marriage certificate photo
Jayne signing the marriage certificate
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Signing of the marriage certificate
Jayne & Brad signing the marriage certificate
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Wedding Couple Photography
Jayne & Brad
Wedding Photography
Jayne & Brad under the tree
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Bride and Bridesmaids
Jayne & bride maids
Jayne and Brad Wedding-Beach Wedding Photography
Jayne & Brad at the beach
Wedding in the Rain
Jayne & Brad by the car and in the rain
Wedding Table setting
Jayne & Brad’s wedding table setting
Wedding Lollie bar
The fantastic lollie bar!

Jayne & Brad wedding featured in bride to be photographed by Infinity Photography

Congratulations Jayne & Brad !