Infinity explores the latest wedding photography trends Pt1

It seems that everyone these days is following the latest wedding photography trends. It is of course your special day and who wouldn’t want to do something a little bit different to make their wedding photos capture the memory of a lifetime. At Infinity we keep abreast of trends and love sharing those with you so you can get the most out of your experience with us. Here’s a hit list of current trends that really capture the mood and the moment of your wedding.

1. Backlit Photos


Want to create a soft, smoky, ambient, feel to your photo? Then you’ll be asking for some very special backlit shots. The use of natural light from behind creates a soft romantic look whilst flattering the subject creating an ethereal effect. This look is so dreamy and seems to capture the mood of the moment perfectly. No filter. No tricks. Just mother nature at her finest.


2. Showing Family Photos


History is a part of any wedding, after all you are expanding your family. What better way to reflect this exciting change than getting some photos of your family. Shots of your mum and dad’s wedding and their parents show the beauty of the moment and how your marriage means so much to so many.

3. Bridal Portraits

Infinity-2431It was a tradition of yester year and like all good things has made a come back. It’s the bridal portrait elevated to the next level. Brides are scheduling a photography session before their big day or making time before the wedding and it’s no surprise. When such care is taken in every element of the day who wouldn’t want firstly the chance to wear your wedding dress more than once and secondly to have a portrait sitting to ensure you get the best shot possible. It’s not just brides grabbing at this chance, couples are forgetting the ‘bad luck’ to see each other before the day and opting for a session together as well.


4. Brady Bunch Style Bridal Party Shots


It’s a story, of a lovely family – that’s right, your family, and why not throw a bit of pop culture in and make your wedding photo shoot as fun as possible. This is where the Brady Bunch Style party shot comes to the fore. Something about this screams ‘hipster’ to us, but we love it. What a cute way to capture your guests or your bridal party and also to give them a wonderful momento to treasure from the day.


5. Overhead Shots



There’s something so 1950s about this trend and we love it. Getting your photographer to tease out all the angles possible makes for even more opportunity to get the perfect shot. The aerial or overhead shot is one of those wonderful ways of capturing the movement and feeling of the day.

There’s a lot more trends in wedding photography at the moment, we’ve shared just a few, but watch this space for part 2 of wedding photography trends. Keep in mind at Infinity we work with all these trends and love talking to you about the best way to capture your special day.